Our Board

Band of the Hills’ board members are elected and appointed officials who are also members of the band. In addition to the time already spent in rehearsals and performances, board members volunteer time to:

  • Ensure the band’s mission and purpose
  • Manage the band’s finances
  • Secure concert locations
  • Maintain partnerships with other community bands
  • Web and social media management
  • Promote the band in the local community
  • Secure and maintain sponsors
  • Maintain a well documented history of the band
  • Comply with local, state and federal requirements
  • Overall management of the band’s business

This year’s elected board members are:

  • President – Jenell Cole, Round Rock
  • Vice President – Chris Painter, Cedar Park
  • Secretary – Trish Tarver, Round  Rock
  • Treasurer – Michial Meyer, Cedar Park
  • Past President – Teresa Gardner, Austin

Appointed positions on the board are:

  • Director – Bob Dalrymple, Round Rock
  • Newsletter Editor – Kaleigh Kretz, Leander
  • Webmaster – Teresa Gardner, Austin
  • Librarians
    • Amy Murray, Leander
    • Nisha Shah, Austin